Poppy Bouquet Suncatcher


This beautiful fused glass Suncatcher features an a bought of poppies. And i s beautifully presented in a gift box
My designs capture the simplicity of complementary colours, movement, and my delight in nature to present a decoration that is as attractive as it was fun to create.
It is suited to many occasions, an ideal gift or party favour. It may be displayed to decorate a home, garden or simply placed onto a blank greeting card.
When making, I work with traditional cutting and shaping tools and materials which include transparent ; opaque and clear glass. I begin by I selecting a colour range, then I cut, shape and sometimes bend the glass.
Next, I study my sketches, then thoughtfully arrange my glass shapes onto the clear glass surface. I consider many aspects of the design such as how the composition will look in the sunlight, or indoors, close up and from a distance. This is to ensure that the product is suitable for decoration in several environments.
Approximate size H 85mm W 85mmWeight 40 grams